DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 Hydraulic High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner

DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 Hydraulic High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner
DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 Hydraulic High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner

The DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 Hydraulic HP/HW Cleaner is the ideal HP/HW Cleaner for Offshore installations. The robust and safe construction secures a safe operation and a long life time of the product.

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"The Cleaner has been in use for over one Year now and we have only positive experiences with your Cleaner. It is by experience the best High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner in the marked for Offshore installations. We are very pleased with your product and service."

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It gives us great pleasure to inform we have been awarded contracts for the hydraulic system for two ferries for a Norwegian ferry company. 

Our energy efficient and low noice Eco Power Unit (EPU) has once again been chosen to be installed in  two new ferries operating in Norway, built in Norway, designed by a Norwegion company and owned by a Norwegian company. We are greatful for trust given us by Yard and Owner.

Eco Power Unit

The new DIMO Eco Power Unit, a new generation energy efficient Hydraulic Systems, have become a sucess.

In close cooperation with Parker, DIMO have developed an energy efficient and low noice Hydraulic System. 



DIMO AS er Parker distributør Noreg 2018

Parker Distributor of the Year 2018 Norway - DIMO AS


Under ein samling i Malmø for dei nordiske distributørane, vart DIMO AS årets distributør i Noreg. Dimo fekk prisen for innsatsen og aktiviteten som er gjort mot felles kundar. 

Parker Hannifin Sales Company Nordic is proud to award Distributor of the Year 2018 Norway, to DIMO AS for their efforts and activities  with our common customers.

I vurderinga har Parker sett på kriterier som vekst i 2018, del av Parker produkt i den løpande forretninga, aktivitetsnivå for framleis vekst i marknaden, partnerskap med Parker og kreativitet i etableringa av ny virksomheit.
I løpet av året har Dimo vunne ordrar på hydrauliske system for meir enn 15 elektriske og hybride ferger i ein svært vanskeleg marknadssituasjon. Ordrane er vunne takka vere ei innovativ system løysing med fantastiske energibesparingar. Systemet er utvikla i tett samarbeid mellom ingeniørar frå Dimo og Parker.

In the assesment, Parker has looked at criteria such as growth 2018, share Parker products in its ongoing business, activity level for continued growth in the market, partnership with Parker and creativity in establishing new businesses.
During the Year, Dimo has won the Hydraulic Systems to more than 15 Electric and Hybrid car ferries in a very competitive market. The orders were won thanks to an innovative system solution with fantastic energy savings. The system was delveloped with close cooperation between engineers from Dimo and Parker.



Dimo is now representing HS Marine, an Italian crane maufacturer

Foldable Knuckle & telescopic:                                 
AK 5,0 - 55 tm

Knuckle & Telescopic:
AKC 60-700 tm
AKD 75-700 tm 

Knuckle Boom:
AKB 8-400 tm
AP     6,5-20 tm

Telescopic Boom:
AT         5,0-55 tm
ATB       5,0-700 tm
ATC    60-700 tm
ATR         8-40 tm 

Stiff Boom:
AF             5-55 tm
AFC      60-700 tm
AFD         5-700 tm

Luxury Yacht Cranes:
Low profile stiff-boom cranes
YC             SWL up to 3000 kg
Low profile telescopic cranes
YT              SWL up to 3000 kg

DIMO Magazine

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Dimo er DANFOSS forhandler / Dimo has signed a reseller agreement with DANFOSS


Dimo har  inngått ein forhandlaravtale med Danfoss.

Avtalen omfattar sal og marknadsføring av:

Vi tilbyr alt av komponentar og løysingar for overvaking og styring av trykk og temperatur samt væskestyring. 

Dimo har og inngått samarbeidsavtale med Danfoss Power Solution.

Vi tilbyr avanserte system og eit breidt utval komponentar for mobile anleggsapplikasjonar.
Vi har stort lager av delar til Danfoss PVG ventilar


Dimo has signed a reseller agreement with Danfoss.
The agreement cover sales & marketing of:

Industrial Automation
All about components and solutions for monitoring and control of pressure and temperature, and fluid control.

Dimo have also signed an co-operation agreement with Danfoss Power Solution
We provide high-performance systems and a broad range of components for mobile off-highway applications.

Produkter / Products:

Industriautomatikk / Industrial Automation
- Trykktransmittere / Pressure transmitters
- Magnetventiler / Solenoid valves
- Spoler til magnetventiler / Solenoid coils
- Trykkstyrte ventiler / Externally operated valves
- Temperaturstyrte ventiler / Thermostatic valves
- Elektroniske pressostater / Electronic pressure switches
- Pressostater / Pressure switches
- Pressostater differense / Pressure switches differential
- Termostater / Temperature switches
- Temperaturfølere og transmittere / Temperature sensors
- Kontaktorer og motorvern / Contactors and Motor Starters
- Tilbehør og reservedeler / Accessories and Spare Parts

Power Solution
- Elektroniske kontrollar (modulær hardware, avansert software og brukervennlig PLUS+1)
  Electronic Controls (modular hardware, advanced software and the user frendly PLUS+1)

- Stempel pumper og motorar
   Piston Pumps and Motors

- PVG proporsjonal ventilar
  PVG Proportional Valves

- Orbital motorar
  Orbital Motors

- Styring (tohjul-, firehjul- eller leddstyring, GPS autostyring og Joystick, m.m)
  Steering (two-wheel, four-wheel or articulated steering, GPS auto-steering and Joystick)

Sucess with hydraulic equipment for Seismic Work Boats

Dimo has sucessfully delivered hydraulic equipment for 7 new Seismic Work Boats. 

Dimo has delivered hydraulic equipment and special designed hydraulic high pressure cleaner for Seismic Work Boats.

With a good and close relationship with our customer we managed to deliver a technical solution according to the end user high standards.


Management System Certificate.

DIMO is now in posession of a Management System in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Dimo is specializing in engineering, design and manufacturing of hydraulic systems and deliver products, components and service for marine and offshore applications.


Through this certification DIMO has taken an important step in assuring the customers the quality of all processes within the company.

DIMO will through this Certification strengthen its position towards the marine and offshore market.