DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner 3x28LPM@200bar HW=60 degrees Celcius

The DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 HP/HW Cleaner is the ideal High Pressure/Hot Water Cleaner for offshore installations. The robust and safe construction secures a safe operation and a long life time of the product.


"The washer has been in use for over one Year now and we have only positive experience with your Cleaner. It is by experience the best High Pressure Cleaner in the market for Offshore installations. We are pleased with the product and your service."

DIMO CLEAN OFFSHORE EX1-T3 HP/HW Cleaner is a complete Hydraulic Highe Pressure Cleaner with the option of using hot water if needed. The unit consists of a high pressure Cleaner with 3 water pumps mounted on each hydraulic motor. The water supply is either cold water from the system or hot water from the hot water tank. All operations are controlled from local control in front of the Unit. During cleaning you can have up to 6 operators at the same time. The hydraulic driven water pumps will supply the High Pressure Cleaner continously until you have reached the maximum flow capacity. You will find that you do not loose pressure when other starts cleaning.

The Hydraulic High Pressure Clenar is designed with high focus on reliability. Service access to all components is ergonmically located and thus easily available inside the protection cabinet.

When you stop cleaning the hydraulic pumps will, after some time, change to standby mode. The High Pressure Cleaner will automatically shut down one (1) hour after you have stopped washing.

Technical data

Water Flow 3 x 28 LPM
Water Pressure 200 bar
Hot Water Tank Net volume 500 L
Max Water Temp. 60°C
Heater 65 kW - 440V / 60 Hz
Oil Flow 2 x 68 LPM
Oil Tank Net volume 400 L
El. Motors 2 x 21,4 kW - 440V / 60 Hz

EN 13463 Non-electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive atmosphere.

Following the provisions of directives
Macninery Directive (MD), 2006/42/EC Annex II-1A
Equipment and Protective Systems in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX), 94/9/EC
Rating: EX II 2G IIB T3