We come to you, anytime, anywhere!

Our skilled service engineers are ready to assist with any hydraulic related problem on any location around the world. We can offer the following services:


Service on Hydraulic Equipment

This includes troubleshooting, repair and overhaul of all makes of HPU’s, hydraulic cylinders, winches, high pressure cleaners and more.

Service on ICAF/ICCP systems

We are an approved Corrosion agent and are able to quickly deliver services and spare parts for your system.

Deck Crane Inspection and Services

We have an approved "B-mann" and are ready to perform services and annual inspection on your deck cranes in accordance with national regulations.

Hydraulic System Upgrade

Our team of experienced engineers will help our customers with upgrades or replacement of outdated or ineffective equipment.

Hot Oil Flushing

We can offer a total package solution with rental of Hot Oil Flushing units and  experienced service engineers to perform the flushing.

Accumulator Services

We can perform inspections and service on accummulators and bottle racks onsite onboard the vessel or in your factory.

ParkerStore Hose Doctor

We can supply top quality tailor made Parker hoses 24/7, ready to  be installed by our skilled service engineers.


Our field service teams are ready to assist with commissioning of of new or rebuilt equipment regardless if the equipment has been repaired, serviced or supplied by us or by a separate party.

Pipe Fitting